Detour to Canada


We're a team of volunteers consisting of Permanent Residents who have virtually come together to share our knowledge and experiences in the immigration process to Canada.

If you have questions about your immigration plan, whether you’re doing it DIY-style, or you’re looking to hire an agency, whether you’re single or with a family, we are here to guide you in your journey. 

With our combined knowledge and experiences, we will try our best to give helpful tips and information, and to answer all your questions. 

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Meet the people behind it all.

Kevin and Kris

JK Legaspi

Founder & Publisher

JK Legaspi and her husband has been living in Ontario, Canada with their three kids since June 2019. She started Detour to Canada with the mission to help others who are ready to chase their Canadian dreams by sharing their own immigration story through this blog. 

Detour to Canada is her second blog which she launched two years after her first blog, Empowered Moms-at-Home. She wrote the guidebook So You Want to Come to Canada, Now What? released last October 2020. She’s also an aspiring non-fiction book author and is currently freelancing as an SEO writer.

She likes to play volleyball, a bit of baking, road trips, afternoon naps, and a nice cup of hot coffee every morning. 



Welland, Ontario

Anna Maria Nones (Anna Argel) is a Licensed Immigration Consultant in Toronto, Ontario who spent her early years in Saskatchewan. She now runs her co-founded Ontario-based immigration consultancy, FlyNorth Immigration Consulting Services.

Jo Anne

Jo Anne

Calgary, Alberta

Jo Anne Ocampo has been living in Calgary, Alberta since June 2020. She’s our resident DIY guru who’s done everything DIY-style so she’ll be able to help you if you plan to go the same route.



Ottawa, Ontario

Kristine Tuazon Kasselis has been living in Ottawa, Ontario with her family for more than two years now. Her YouTube channel The Maple Diaries will give you insights on how it is to live in Canada.

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