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If you’re a reader of this blog, first of all, allow me to thank you for supporting my content. Knowing that we’re able to inspire and help others is our greatest reward.

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One of the reasons I created this blog is to help aspiring immigrants navigate Canada’s immigration process. In the future, I’ll also be sharing tips and friendly advice for newcomers. Even with the available information on the web, I know that it can still get overwhelming. So, I’ve stepped up and offered my hand to help those who might find value from our experiences. Through this blog, I hope that I can help as many aspiring immigrants and newcomers as I could.

But running a blog isn’t cheap. And earning from it takes months or even years. So, I decided to create a Buy Me a Coffee account where my blog can get funding support. 

Through these funds, I’ll be able to: 

  • pay for the blog’s admin expenses like domain and server renewal
  • improve the site’s performance and speed
  • add helpful features (like the Eligibility Calculator and Express Entry CRS Score Simulator)
  • and hire professional service providers  in the future (like web developers, editors, writers, etc.)

If you’re among our readers and our content have helped you in some way, you can support this blog through any of the following:

  • keep on visiting this site and share our posts with your friends
  • leave comments if you like our posts or share your feedback on how we can improve
  • or, you can also buy us some coffee

How do I buy you a coffee?

If buying us coffee is your preferred way to support us, visit our Buy Me a Coffee page or click the coffee cup button below. For every cup of coffee you buy for us, we get $3 (AED 15 or PHP 120), less 5% transaction fee. The proceeds we’ll get will be used to pay for all the expenses involved in keeping this blog.

Don’t worry if you think that this is something you can’t afford yet! When you read and share our posts, that’s more than enough for us.

I hope to see you and your fellow aspiring immigrants finally reach your dreams of immigrating here. And I look forward to the day when we can gather and have a cup of coffee together.

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