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Canada's Immigration Plans for 2022

In a letter addressed to Minister Fraser released last December 16, 2021, on the Prime Minister of Canada’s official website, PM Trudeau said:  “As Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship (IRCC), you will prioritize ongoing work to strengthen Canada’s immigration and refugee system, including bringing in more newcomers to all regions of Canada who will …

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How to Increase Your Express Entry CRS Score

“How can I increase my CRS score?” If you’re an Express Entry applicant, chances are you’re also asking this question. Especially if you’re applying under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. As we know, only those with the highest CRS score get invited by Canada to apply for permanent residency. So for you to be able …

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IELTS vs CELPIP: Which One is Better?

“I’m planning to take a language test for Express Entry, so should I take IELTS or CELPIP? Which one is easier?” This question is common among Express Entry’s aspiring immigrants. If you’re also wondering, I’ll explain the differences between these two language tests in this post. Although if you’re in the UAE, the obvious choice …

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What Immigration Pathways Could You Take Based on Your Job Title?

“I want to come to Canada, how do I start?”, you ask.  My answer to this is, “you’ve got to know first which pathways are there for you to take.” As I’ve discussed in the guidebook, “So You Want to Come to Canada… Now What” (download it here for free), Canada has various immigration programs. …

What Immigration Pathways Can You Take Based on Your Job Title? Read More »

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