Detour to Canada

Life in Canada


First of all, congratulations on finally making it!  Now that you’re arriving soon here in Canada, or perhaps you’re here already, you’re probably wondering what you should do next.  Thanks to my friend Kristine of The Maples Diaries, she made a video of the 8 things you should do during your first few weeks of …

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How to dress up for winter in Canada

Are you a newcomer who’s about to experience your first winter wonder here in Canada? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring immigrant who just wants to get a glimpse of how to survive the freezing weather here. In this video by Kristine of The Maple Diaries, she’s going to show you some tips on the right …

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Canada's Public School System

Are you wondering about Canada’s public school system? Is it really free? What age do kids go to school? Kristine of The Maple Diaries shares some of the information you need to know about Canada’s public school system here in her video.  But before you proceed, I want to add some things you might be …

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How to Create a Canadian CV format video

Are you an aspiring Canadian immigrant looking for an employer who can give you a job offer? Or a newcomer who’s on the look out for your first job in Canada? Then your first step is to create your CV that’s in Canadian format. Want to know how? Watch this video by Kristine Kasselis of …

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Our 2 Years in Canada

On June 27, 2019, more than one year since our temporary stay in Canada, we finally left the UAE. We said goodbye to our friends, families, and to an amazing country we called “home” for eight years.  Our hearts were filled with sadness, but at the same time, we were excited to start a new …

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Our 2 Years in Canada

It has been 2 years since we moved here to Canada as immigrants. And for me, it was a roller coaster ride. In the past 2 years, we experienced both exhilarating and depressing moments. We met new people, visited new places, experienced new seasons–it was a brand new kind of life. But we also faced …

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Pros and Cons of Living in Canada

Are you also wondering if it’s going to be worth it to immigrate to Canada? Is living here worth the money and the long wait?  We also wondered the same thing during our PR application.  Some people say good things about Canada, while others say they regret their decision of moving here.  So, just allow …

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