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A List of Legit Immigration Agencies in the UAE (Plus Qatar and Saudi Arabia)


Are you tired of scouring the internet looking for a legit Canadian immigration agency to hire in the UAE? Look no further because this list is for you.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not paid by nor sponsored by any of the below companies. The author’s source of information is the online public register of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants from the CICC (formerly ICCRC) . To verify the license status of each consultant, visit CICC’s online public register.

Legit Canada Immigration Agencies in UAE

“How do I know if my immigration agency here in the UAE is legit?”

This question is still among the most common ones I hear from those in the UAE who want to immigrate to Canada. In one of my previous posts, I shared a guide on how to check if an immigration agency is legit

But I wish to help more. 

If you’re also asking the same question, or if you’re still looking for a legit immigration agency in the UAE, then this post is for you. 

As someone who lived in the UAE before coming here to Canada, I can name one legit immigration consultant for sure. And that’s the one we hired for our application. But you probably want to check out other options. 

So I compiled here a list of immigration consultants and agencies in the UAE who are registered in Canada, which means they are legit and authorized to professionally assist you in reaching your Canadian dream. I also included those based in Qatar and KSA if you’re from these countries.

This saves you time from asking around whether an immigration agency is legit or not. And most importantly, hiring any of the agencies on this list means you are safe from becoming the next victim of those pesky immigration scams. 

Canada’s Warning on Hiring Consultants

Before everything else, I just want to emphasize one important thing. As I said in the Disclaimer, I’ve compiled this list from CICC’S public register which you can find here

CICC stands for the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (formerly ICCRC which stands for Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). They’re the “Big Brother” of regulated immigration and citizenship consultants and international student advisors. According to the government of Canada, you can only hire consultants registered with CICC. Otherwise, they might return or refuse your application. 

Canada's Warning on Hiring Immigration Consultants
Screenshot from

But take note of this. Even if an immigration agency is legally registered in the UAE or elsewhere but the consultant representing them is not an active member of CICC, they’re still not considered as legit and authorized. 

So it’s more crucial than ever that you only hire a legit immigration consultant or agency, whether you’re in the UAE or anywhere else. And when we say legit, I mean those who are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and are active members of CICC.

A Few Words About This List

In case you’re wondering how I came up with this list, I’ll tell you quickly what I did.

First, I went to ICCRC’s public register page (now called CICC) which is on their website. I typed “United Arab Emirates” under “Country”, and a list of registered immigration consultants whose companies are listed in the UAE popped up. I did the same for Qatar and Saudi Arabia. If you live in another country, you can just do the same. 

Legit immigration agencies in the UAE

From among those who have Active status, I checked their contact details and compiled them in a Google sheet. You can download this sheet below. 

This includes the phone number and email address of the below consultants. Their company website isn’t listed in CICC’s public register, so I took some extra steps. I searched for their websites online and added them to the Google sheet. 

Important disclaimer: I created this list in October 2021. I’ll try my best to update this post, but make sure to also verify the list yourself. Consultants should still have an Active status to be considered authorized to offer you their service. So before you hire anyone, just take this extra step to be sure.

And never rely on posts like this alone. Do more research and find out as much as you can about the immigration agency you plan to hire. Later I’ll share some quick tips before you go hiring an immigration agency in the UAE, and where to find legit advice. 

List of Legit Immigration Agencies in the UAE

Legit Agencies in the UAE Listed under Registered Immigration Consultants in Canada

So here’s the list in alphabetical order of legit immigration agencies and consultants in the UAE registered in Canada. If you’re already in touch with an agency, check if they’re on this list. 

If they’re not on this list, ask for the name of the immigration consultant working with you and verify if they’re registered in CICC.

After checking this list, make sure to read some of the tips I gave before the end of this post. 

So, here goes the list…


  1. Can Quest International Immigration Services (listed under Alastair Christopher Merril D’Souza)
  2. Elevay Limited (listed under Salma El-Shurafa)
  3. Etica Immigration Solutions FZE (listed under Robeena Khan)
  4. North American Services Center (listed under Kathryn Mary MacDonald)
  5. ISIS Int. Management Consultants (listed under Brian Telfer and Virginia June Telfer)
  6. Premiers Management Consultancy and Training; Global Migration (both are listed under Imran Farooq)
  7. Vision Consultancy Services (listed under Shanaz Lakhani)
  8. Xiphias Immigration DMCC; Global Infobrokers Inc.; and Superstring Immigration Consulting Inc (all listed under Lijun Wang)

Abu Dhabi

  1. Canada Grant Immigration Consultancy Services (listed under Passent Ali)
  2. The Canadian Commercial Broker Company (listed under Bahaa Moh’d Mousa Al-Silwadi)


  1. Access Canada Immigration & Business Services (listed under Emad Elkord)


  1. Canadian Immigration Services Center (listed under Mohamad Al-Sabagh)
  2. Canadian Management Consultants (listed under Abdulkarem Trfas)
  3. Montreal Management Consultants Est (listed under Mahmoud Khattab)

Umm Al Quwain

  1. Visamatter Integrated Immigration Consultants FZE (listed under Nimin Raj)

Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  1. Destination Canada Immigration Services in Doha, Qatar (listed under Ali, Malik Muhammad)
  2. Karl l & Associates W.L.L. in Doha, Qatar (listed under Allison Tracey Furlong)
  3. One Stop Destination Immigration Canada, MG Visa Services Contact in Jeddah, KSA (listed under Mohamed Abdillahi Ghaleb)
List of Legit Immigration Agencies in the UAE

Quick Tips When Hiring your Immigration Consultant 

If you’re already in touch with an immigration agency there in the UAE and they are in the list above, then it’s legit. Or if you’re still looking for a legit immigration agency and you want to get in touch with any of those in this list, I’ve compiled their contact information in a Google sheet which you can download above.

If you haven’t signed any contract with them or haven’t paid them yet, make sure to first read these friendly tips. 

  1. Check for trusted reviews about the agency you’re planning to hire. If you have trusted people who used their service before, ask for their experience. If you’re considering hiring North American Services Center, which is the agency we hired, here’s my review of our experience with their service.
  2. Go to the agency’s website, if they have, and check their “About Us” page. Some agencies will show details of their registered immigration consultants, including photos and RCIC license numbers (but not all). This is to make sure that you’re hiring the right agency because some companies have names that are almost similar to those listed with a registered immigration consultant.  
  3. Ask questions from your potential consultant and be careful of someone who won’t answer your question. For instance, I have a friend who’s in touch with someone using the title “Immigration Consultant” but is not CICC registered. When my friend asked her the name of their agency’s registered consultant, the person just gave the first name, and then added that “they can only disclose these details to their registered applicants”. How can you verify from CICC if the consultant is legit if an agency isn’t willing to “disclose” these details? 
  4. Make sure to ask for a contract first before paying your consultant or starting your application through them. Read the contract carefully and discuss the services that your consultant will provide and their fees. The consultant’s legal name, license number, and immigration service fee should be in the contract, and the consultant should be the only person signing this along with you (and not another agent or company). Make sure to also sign the government-issued Use of Representative Form (IMM5476) because this is a mandatory requirement from Canada’s government. 
  5. If there are any added services you need to pay, such as job placement, CICC says that this should be in a separate contract. A Registered Immigration Consultant can only offer job placement service if he or she is also a Licensed Recruiter. Don’t also pay someone promising you a guaranteed job because there’s no such thing. 

I suggest you read all the other tips on how you can avoid immigration frauds from the Government of Canada and from ICCRC’s Top 20 Tips.

Now, others may also give you the advice to hire an immigration consultant or agency that is based here in Canada instead of someone in the UAE. That’s another option that you can do. In this case, just go to CICC’s public register and type “Canada” under “Country”. All registered immigration consultants here in Canada will pop up. 

Among these consultants is my aunt, Anna Maria Nones, who has her own immigration consultancy here in Canada. Send an email here if you want to get in touch with her for an assessment or to inquire about her consultancy service. 

Final words

I know some people in the UAE and elsewhere who are starting to get stressed just to find a legit immigration agency. If you’ve been feeling this way, too, I hope that this post helped you relax even a bit. 

Finding the right immigration agency is crucial because hiring the wrong one could also mean the end of your dream of coming to Canada. This post might help you know who are the legit ones, but it’s just the first step. 

I don’t have any experience with their service, so I can’t say more. But if you really want to hire the right immigration consultant for you, talk to a few. Ask for references. Check for trusted reviews. Sometimes, you may need to also listen to your guts.

But most importantly, pray to God to lead you to the right one. 

Kevin and Kris

About the author:

JK Legaspi is a permanent resident of Canada since 2018. She and her family lives in the beautiful Niagara Region. As the founder of Detour To Canada, she aims to help aspiring and future immigrants reach their Canadian dreams by sharing her family’s own immigration and newcomer story. 

Do you have some questions about immigrating to Canada? Ask them in the comments section.

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