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Bible verses about God's plans

Do you also feel confused or worried about the future, especially with COVID-19’s Delta variant arriving like a vengeful nemesis? In the Philippines, ECQs are back in place. Here in Ontario, COVID-19 cases are surging once again. Who knows, we might just go back to another lockdown, too. But I hope not.  So, I get …

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If you’re a reader of this blog, first of all, allow me to thank you for supporting my content. Knowing that we’re able to inspire and help others is our greatest reward. One of the reasons I created this blog is to help aspiring immigrants navigate Canada’s immigration process. In the future, I’ll also be …

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Filipino Heritage Month: A Time to Celebrate?

June is Filipino Heritage Month here in Canada. And mind you, it’s not just self-proclaimed by this country’s Filipino community.  On October 30, 2018, June was officially designated by Canada’s federal government as Filipino Heritage Month with the passing of Motion 155, or M-155.  City governments like Toronto and Montreal have also made similar declarations, …

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